I mentor Duke undergraduates and graduate students, primarily those affiliated with the Global Health Institute. We have an undergraduate major and minor in Global Health, and a Master of Science of Global Health degree program.

Graduate Students: Every year I take one or two new MSc in Global Health students. Our MSc program has a student-mentor matching process that begins soon after students arrive in the fall. Please contact me early if you have an interest in joining my group. Typically students that I mentor work directly with me and my colleagues on existing studies, either on the main research protocol or a highly related sub-study. I’m unlikely to take on a student who wants to collect original data for a completely independent study. Fieldwork is tough to organize, and I think it’s in the student’s best interest to stick with a plan that has a high probability of success. The goal is to leave the program on-time with at least one publication under your belt.

Undergraduate Students: I mentor undergraduate students through two programs:

  • Student Research Training (SRT): Students apply in October to be part of a team that works together in the Spring semester in preparation for 8-weeks of summer fieldwork.

  • Bass: Bass Connections is a university-wide initiative that provides students with greater exposure to inquiry across the disciplines, partnership with fellow students at a variety of stages in their educational career, sustained mentorship in teams, and the chance to experience the intersections of the academy and the broader world.